This site was designed and created by me; Chris Kirkup.

I'm 15, and attend Bewdey High School.

I designed and created this site as part of my work experience placement with Midland Internet.

I would like to take up a career consiting of something to do with computers, however I will probably end up changing my mind about my career prospects at least 100 times over the next few years!

Over the two weeks I was on placement at Midland Internet I learnt loads about the differnet programs involved in web design and used Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Fireworks to create this site.

It took me 4 days to come up with this design, those 4 days consisted of creating loads of other designs and having to improve on them every time.

Putting together this site and finally finishing it, took me about 5 days. Each of the pages you find will probably be about the 4th or 5th version of them as I was constantly having to revamp and improve many of the pages.

What took the longest was probably the main Wyre Forest header at the top of each page. I think I spent about a day and a half on it, but it was well worth it!

A lot of hard work went into creating this site and so I hope that you can find what you want.

Since I put so much hard work into this site I thought I deserved to get my name on it somewhere. That is why I managed to negociate and got to put this page on here.

This may well be the last time I get to write my own page on a site like this so I might as well get a few good words in here while I can.

I am an avid wrestling fan - WWF that is, so make sure you check out this site:!

Besides that site, one of the best on the net is EBay! You can pick up some great stuff and make a fortune selling your old stuff you think no-body will ever want! Check it out:

Anyway, thanks for looking at this page and the Wyre Forest website!

If you've never been over here before make sure you do - its a great place to visit!

Email me!








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